Thank you so much for visiting us, it means the world to us! As you may know, we started our shop on Instagram. We have a stalwart & humble sized "band" (hehe, get it?) of followers and we needed a central location for orders to make purchasing easier for our customers. 

We currently offer leather Apple Watch replacement bands that we think you'll love! We are a group of young (29 is young, right?) & technology centered individuals that think the Apple Watch is the next big thing.

So, "Stag?" you may ask? What does it mean? Well we needed a fun theme to unite us and Stag just sounded & felt right. Whether you are a business professional, sporty exercise enthusiast, or a human with a pulse that can be read by the Apple Watch...we want you to look/feel good while wearing your Apple Watch.

Enjoy visiting the site and connect with us on Instagram (@stagsupply) so we can chat if you'd be so inclined.


leather apple watch band replacement