Apple Watch 2 Announced!

Woah Apple Watch 2!

We're super psyched that Apple has announced the Apple Watch Series 2. It will be fully waterproof (they measured calorie burn of swimmers using some incredible measures), include a GPS (my favorite addition!), and be available in a Nike run edition. 

Good news, the Apple Watch band slots will be the same for the old & new Apple Watch (Series 1 & 2). So our bands will fit both editions!

The Apple Watch Series 2 looks identical to me as the Apple Watch Series 1. The hardware + enclosure is what's different. Now that the new Apple Watch has a GPS - Imagine your running, Pokemon Go, shopping, etc. Companies may be able to see where you are and offer you discounts on your Apple Watch, how cool would that be?

Watch the Keynote + release notes here.

You can pre-order the new Apple Watch on September 9 and it will be available on September 16.